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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow Day and Home Church

Yesterday it started snowing on Redding Mountain. Most of us remained at home for the day except for a quick trip to the mail box. A couple of more adventurous Reddings went out to see the sights. Most of the day the temp remained above freezing. As night approached the temp started to drop and it snowed some more. We awoke to a beautiful, silent, snow covered land. All the branches and trees were laden with snow. We are enjoying this winter so much as we have not had much snow this year. The kids have been collecting snow with shovels, rakes, tarps, etc. to build an igloo.

Church was cancelled because very near us there were ice covered roads and our church building sits on a hill making it dangerous to venture out. We baked communion bread (recipe will be posted soon) and the boys picked out songs and scriptures and Lawrence prepared some thoughts to share. Our family next door came to join us for "church". The singing was beautiful and what a message on John 3 (with Luke 1 Marys Song) Lawrence shared. James shared his memory verse from Proverbs, Joseph shared a verse from Genesis and Daniel and Gabe lead songs. We enjoyed our time together. Even though we love meeting with other Christians (and had invited 14 people over for dinner and to celebrate Gabe's birthday after church today) we had a good time being home together. We will have to celebrate another time. Sorry Gabe!!

After church we all ate veggie lasagna, salad and unleavened bread. Most of the family went back outside to play in the snow. Grandpa and Grandma got to play with baby Anya and their own little Esther for a while. Too soon baby Anya's parents decided they had to go home and her daddy had to get ready to brave the hill to go to work. He made it out of our mountain safely in the old truck. He will not return until midnight so we hope and pray that he will return safely.

I baked peanut butter cookies to send to Isaac in Iraq and we all enjoyed some reading time. The sun is slowly getting ready to slip behind a close by mountain and we will all gather around and have some read aloud time in our warm and cozy little house on Redding Mountain.

Bye for now!

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