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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rag Curls

Have you ever heard of rag curls? I have known about them for a long time. I believe they were even mentioned in the Little House books. Our moms both knew about them. So earlier this year I decided to try to make rag curls with my little girls.

During our learning process I called my mother-in-law to ask advice. First I cut strips of cloth or found some in my fabric boxes. I also used old tights the girls had outgrown or snagged and cut these in pieces. If you are going to use old tights or hose, I would lay them on a table and cut 4-5 inch strips. I keep the circles of the legs in tact. The tights were the easiest to work with, tie off, and made the best curls.

I like to do this on a day they wash their hair. I prefer it to be air dried. You may start with damp but not wet hair. After you have your rags you divide the hair into sections. If you want extremely curly hair you do over the top and down the back and the sides, use more rags, etc. This time we just went around the head and left the hair parted the way they normally wear it. You take each section of hair and start at the very bottom and roll it up as you do with curlers. Then you bring the two ends together and loop over and tie. My girls have very long hair so this looks interesting:) They sleep in these all night. They find them comfortable to sleep in. They are excited to see how curly their hair will be.

We have done this several time now and even convinced a few friends to try it.
My girls tend to wear their hair down but we sometimes do this and pull part of it up in a clip. It looks beautiful.


The Redding Brothers said...

Congratulations on the pictures :)

tootlepip said...

Adorable curls on adorable girls. Miss you all! Love Ya!

Betsy said...

Oh, what a wonderful memory this evoked! I remember my grandmother curling my hair with rags and how beautiful I felt when she unrolled them. I didn't have the long locks that your girls have in the picture, but I still felt so special and pretty. Thanks for reminding me.


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