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Monday, November 12, 2007

Autumn on Redding Mountain

Cool weather is here! The colors have come in all their glory and are on there way out. I have been cold for 3 days and can't seem to get warm. I've been drinking hot tea and bundling up and yet I am still cold. My children say I am burning them up. I thought you all might like to see a picture from on top of Redding Mountain. This is looking out from my front porch. Isn't it beautiful! Happy Autumn! Oops! I must add that my son Joseph does a great job with our picture taking. He took this photo as well as many other beautiful ones.

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Hagertroops7 said...

How beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to share the view. I hear that it will be very unusual for us to still have some colorful leaves on the trees for Thanksgiving this year. Isn't God thoughtful to save those for us to enjoy?

I've been chilly also! Hager Mountain must be the same altitude as Redding Mountain? Hey, I think I can see your house from mine!