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Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day - Lavender Hills Farm

On Mother's day as I dressed for church, Lawrence and the boys got the yard and car in order. I received flowers, cards, and as I got into the car a chocolate emergency kit, and a couple of more cards. As the day progressed I received Weight Watcher's chocolate cakes, some very special chocolates, and more cards, a phone call from somewhere in the Middle East, a phone call from somewhere between Kansas and Oklahoma and a long awaited trip to a lavender farm.

After church we decided to have a car picnic on our drive to the Lavender Hills Farm. I have wanted to go to one of these for years. I love lavender and have wanted to grow it for a long time. The closest open lavender farm was in Marysville, Washington. Mike, the owner patiently answered my questions and showed us around. We found some homemade lavender caramels which were wonderful and sure to sidetrack our diet. There were so many beautiful lavender scented treasures and some lavender plants for sale too! We had a wonderful afternoon and I was thrilled to see the lavender.

I now have 4 varieties of lavender to plant. I just had to share some pictures from our day. John Mark was my photographer for the day. To learn more about Lavender Hills Farm visit

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! I can imagine that you were in heaven!
What a wonderful Mother's Day gift to you.