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Monday, August 04, 2008

Ga Ga Ball - Free At Home Sport

While at camp our kids discovered a new ball game. This year someone had constructed a GaGa ring? arena? I'm really not sure what it should be called. Rumor has it that GaGa ball comes from an Israeli kick ball game. Our children came home and researched the dimensions and built their own.

The neighbors were doing a total remodel job on their house so they were able to have the 2X4's they needed free of charge and right next door. They used screws and tools we had on hand. They did run short a few screws. As we were on our way to the store the neighbor said look in mine and see if I have any. So they found what they needed to finish the arena. In this time of electronic kids, I am happy they have made something unique that everyone is intriqued with and all on their own without my input and without batteries!


Hours of Exercise






And a Great Sense of Accomplishment


Jo said...

Hey! That is a neat job on your arena. Why not explain the actual game of Ga-Ga ball next time?
Tell Esther her family pictures are neat.

tootlepip said...

Wow! They did a great job on their building project. How is the game played?

costanza said...

I came across this-- scroll down for rules of play. I have seen lots of variations on rules though, so you can google the game for more ideas.

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