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Monday, December 22, 2008

And more snow.............It just keeps coming down!

We have been hit with snow and it keeps coming down. It has sure messed up air travel as well as last minute shopping. Thousands are reported to be stranded at the airport. The most important one to me is Isaac waiting in California.

Everywhere we go the parking lots are an amazing mess of ice and snow. We slid several times in the parking lots today when we did venture out. Thankfully we did not hit any cars. The main roads are good even though we saw several wrecks and there was one fatality. I found a store I had not found before Family School Supply. I am very excited about this. They carry Vision Forum books, rent great educational and family videos, and have a lot of wonderful stuff:)

The kids continued their igloo building and have a great mountain several feet high in the middle of our culdesac. So far everyone has been friendly about the mountain. It is large enough to sled off now. They have spent hours shoveling snow and playing in it. It is a great thing for boy energy. I was surprised how much the girls got involved. Despite the cold our house has been nice and warm.

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Josiah said...

WOW. I didn't know you guys got so much. I'm jealous :-)