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Friday, January 02, 2009

The Redding Family Polar Bear Club -2009

The first meeting of the Redding Family Polar Bear Club took place on New Year's Day at 8:40 pm. Somewhere in Tacoma, Washington.

Since I tend to be on the cold side of things the children had to wait for dad to come home from work and take them. He got a few pictures to remember the event. Esther, Hannah, and I stayed home where it was nice and warm.

Sarah was the first one in the water. She just needed an adventure in her 13 year old life.

Oh the things kids will do and dads will let them do!!


tootlepip said...

I saw this on Daniels Facebook - how funny! Dad's do let things happen that we mom's have a harder time with, but they are building lifelong memories!

Josiah said...

What is this? Did you guys go swimming in the sound in the middle of winter?

Anonymous said...

They joined the Polar Bear Club (Redding Style) on January 1st.