The life and times of the Redding family.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goose Eggs and Esther

I know after the wonderful pictures and exciting things I post on here you might be surprised to find a post about eggs:) We have a new friend who stopped by and left us some goose eggs. Esther and her dad love to eat eggs for breakfast so she could not wait on dad to be home to have duck(we found out it was goose) eggs. It only took one to feed a hungry girl. You can see in the picture the goose egg beside the large white eggs I bought from the store. We use a lot of eggs for baking and cooking and occasionally for breakfast. I buy 5 dozen at a time. Duck (we found out they were goose) eggs are a first for us though. Most of the kids were unwilling to try it. They all wanted to help cook it though. Esther was quite impressed with the egg.