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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vintage Fashion Show

This is afternoon Hannah, Esther and I attended a free vintage fashion show put on by our local libray. The Friends of the Library booked the Golden Oldies Guild (a group of ladies who volunteer for Goodwill and do this to raise money). They were wonderful! We had a very fun and educational time. I was really sorry Sarah missed out. She was in bed with a headache


sojourner2earth said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing. Our library in KC did programs like this and classes on everything imaginable. we are just happy to have our little library here. Miss Allyson is wonderful at buying, begging or borrowing whatever we need! :o)

Jean Ann Williams said...


Really enjoyed the photos. I would love to wear that type of clothing. Glad you had fun, but so sorry one daughter had to stay home.

You could write an article for the local paper about what these ladies are doing for their library? You've got the photos.

Anonymous said...
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