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Friday, February 26, 2010

My 50th Birthday

Today was my 50th Birthday. I awoke with a very bad headache. Thankfully it left early in the day. I took Daniel to work and then got back home to get everything going for the day. I had a surprise package on the table from Hannah (with a little help from Miss Betty). Flowers, chocolate, more chocolate, balloons, more chocolate, lots of cards, facebook messages, cake, new jewelry, lotions, new dish cloths, a new large tea mug, wool socks, yes and a nice Salmon dinner made the day special. I got to talk with all of my out of town kids, parents, and friends on the phone. It was a nice day. I wanted to share a couple of pictures from Grossi's in Tacoma where I had a very nice lunch with some special lady friends. One of the pictures is where we are all sharing a single slice of lemon cake our hostess brought us. The other picture is of the special cake the girls made for me from scratch all while I was away having lunch. I had a very nice day!

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Jean Ann Williams said...

Reda, I knew your birthday was coming up, and I'm so glad it was a very special day.

God bless you and all that you do as wife, mother, daughter, and friend.