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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Craziness of Spring

Things have been crazy at our house this spring. Most people would think things are always crazy at our house! I just wanted to write a little update.

Lawrence and I are mentors for the LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) program. This is the second year our children have been involved with LTC. LTC requires many hours of the students time as well as the parents. Our children spend hours almost daily studying the Bible. This year the book is II Samuel. My youngest son James has taken the tests all year for the Bible bowl right along with the older students who are really in LTC. The top 12 students from our congregation have been awarded a trip to the conference in Dallas, Texas on April 2. This will be the culmination of their efforts. Our James will be the youngest member of the team. We have 5 children going to Dallas! They have worked really hard.

During Feb. and March we had several 12 hour days at the church building on Sundays. The students study and test on the book of II Samuel. They also participate in Choir, Drama, Puppets, banner making, scrapbooking, Children's book, bulletin boards, service projects, etc. Several work days were held as well as practice sessions. We also had a spaghetti dinner fundraiser which the families cooked and served. The LTC students were auctioned off for their services. The students still had school work, church work, church services 3 times a week, and other study sessions, etc. during the week. There were game nights and praise sessions. We have had a wonderful time! The parents are about ready for a rest. The students are dreaming of other fun times to spend together. The more the better:)

Tomorrow is the final day to get ready for Dallas. We leave for the airport about 4 am Friday morning. We will be joined by the Redding Mountain grandparents in Dallas. They will return with us to Washington for a visit. We are really excited about that.


sojourner2earth said...

Praying for safe travels and that the children do well in their chosen activity. May God bless these early years of study and work. Our children just came back from Bible Bowl. They did much better than they did last year. :o)

Jean Ann Williams said...

I will pray for your safe journey and for rest along the way.

I knew you must be very busy! God bless you and yours.

Pamala said...

I just want you and your family to know how proud I am that you are doing this. So many "Christians" today are not teaching their children God's truths. This program is an opportunity to teach and reward. Isn't that God's way? Good luck in Dallas and God speed your travels. PJ