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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Esther's 7th Birthday May 2, 2010

Esther turned 7 on May 2. It also happened to be on a Sunday and on Pawpaw and Mawmaw's last day with us before returning to W.V. After church Pawpaw wanted to take us out to eat at Azteca so of course we were thrilled. We had a great time eating, visiting, and celebrating Esther's birthday. She had already chosen her birthday dessert before this so that evening we had to have ice cream sandwiches with candles for her birthday. She is a little treasure to our whole family. She is our youngest as many of you know. She is growing up and a delightful young lady. We do not think she is too spoiled either. She got some new clothes which she was excited about.

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Jean Ann Williams said...

Esther is a beauty. I can tell she has a sense of humor. Just love it!

Enjoy that baby of the family, as I know you will.