The life and times of the Redding family.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Catch up, Family and Puzzles

As some of you may have noticed I have been away for awhile. You may have received some funny notices from me as well. Several of my accounts were hacked causing some frustration but not any financial loss. I hope you were not too troubled by these weird messages.

My annual trip back to see our family and friends in the east was extended this year. We have a lot to share as we left home on October 11 and returned home on December 17. Lawrence joined us on our trip this year. He took on a project of building a garage apartment/office and got a lot done although not all of it finished by any means.

We enjoyed being around our families a lot. We haven't enjoyed that much time in many years. We like our family! We attended a family reunion, visited an Uncle and a new aunt in Georgia at an amazing homeplace, played with our grandbabies, shared meals, church services, and outings with our adult kids, Thanksgiving in Tennessee with my parents and my sister, some of my kids and grand kids,( and Becca) saw Isaac in Oklahoma and visited Oklahoma Christian where Daniel is studying for a degree in youth ministry. We were able to squeeze a visit in to WV and got to welcome the first snow there for the season. We spent a lot of time thawing out water pipes and just visiting with our WV family. We were able to get together with a couple of friends too. The weather in WV was an obstacle for sure. We treasure the time we had to spend with our family this year.

I hope to share several pictures and posts about our trip.

I am including several pictures of puzzles we did while we were away. Some of these were finished quickly and others took awhile.
By far the most complicated puzzle I have ever worked on was the car. All ages were able to work on the puzzles. Our 7 month old grandbaby tried to put in a puzzle piece. While the weather is frightful take some time to gather around a zig saw puzzle. If you do not like to put together puzzles maybe you could read aloud while the rest of the group work on a puzzle.


Jean Ann Williams said...

Good to know some details of your trip, Reda.

I, also, enjoy puzzles. Very much! With us so busy from spring through autumn, winter gives me the most time to write. So, I have given up all my hobbies for writing.

Glad you are home safe.

Jo said...

We enjoyed having all of you for a time. It was just too, too short.

tootlepip said...

We like to do puzzles too, although we usually only do one a year. This year ours is of a bunch of colorful candy. We will put it out the day after Christmas to work on the week Galen is off.

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