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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Clean Water for Elirose

As many of you know our family has had an interest in providing clean water to impoverished countries for several years now. It all started when our older sons became representatives for Healing Hands International's Walk for Water in Nashville, Tn. and expanded when they shared the need with the rest of the family in Washington State. One of our younger sons spearheaded the effort to start a Walk for Water in Tacoma, Washington. Three wells later, thousands have clean drinking water. It is amazing what happens when people are made aware of the needs of others for basic necessities. The zeal and excitement of children is contagious.

Clean Water for Elirose by Ariah Fine Illustrated by Don Robb.

Finding a picture book which shares this hope and opportunity was exciting for me. It has been my experience that most children are interested in helping others. Sometimes they do not see the need on their own. Sometimes they do not see how they can help. This book will help to make children aware of the needs of others. When they ask "What can I do?" this book will answer with some ideas they can use to make a difference in the life of other children many miles away. In the story I love how one child becomes aware of the inequality of our world and in turn shares that with another. The children were each willing to do something to help provide this well. We see these young children giving up strawberry milkshakes, selling lemonade, and asking others to help so that other children can have the basic necessity of clean drinking water. This story will have adults and children considering how they can help others. In the back of the book there are specific organizations who drill wells to bring the gift of clean drinking water. Proceeds from the sale of this book go to fund new wells. Share this book with the children in your life and give the gift of clean drinking water.

The book's website is Ariah has set the pricing structure for individual sales of the book to a Pay-What-You-Can model starting at just $3 per book (Free Shipping). Ariah hopes this pricing model will help to spread awareness! The goal for 2011 is to raise enough funds from the proceeds of this book to fund one new well. Watch a brief video introducing the book here:

Let me know what you think! Also, share ideas of ways you are teaching your children to share with those in need.


Jean Ann Williams said...

Reda, thank you so much for making me aware of this organization. I plan to buy the book.

In Christ,


Ariah Fine said...

Thanks so much for that great review! Hopefully your readers find out about the contest we have starting today, giving away a book a day through Dec. 15th. Details on Facebook or on the website:

Thanks again!

Nathan said...

I recently did a podcast with Ariah and thought your subscribers might enjoy it.


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