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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

To John in India

John - Is he a relative? A friend?

John knows nothing about Redding Mountain or my family. However, I greatly appreciate him. John is the technical support person I dealt with when I called Lexmark about my printer. I am challenged greatly when it comes to technical computer, phone, printer questions, etc. I bought this printer a little over a month ago. It is a homeschool mom's dream come true. It scans, photo copies, and prints. I suppose it faxes too!

Last night I tried to print and it kept pulling the paper through crooked. There were two possibilities I could think of..........The children had worked on it (despite the big lecture when I bought it about not using the printer). Or it would not feed paper because the ink was low (that wouldn't make sense would it?). I asked questions and discovered that Joseph had been scanning his whole face, James had flown a paper airplane into it, and an ink pen had dropped into it and was retrieved. I feared the poor poor children!

I called customer support and John patiently walked me through several steps which fixed my printer!!!!Yea!! My printer is saved! My children are saved! When we went to Alabama for Thanksgiving I passed a big building in Kentucky that had Lexmark on it so I asked where John was working and he said India (how surprised I was). I am now a great admirer of Lexmark and their Customer Service department. I have never had a customer service department so quickly resolve my problem. I still have the remains of the last customer support help I received - 8 Maytag replacement rings which do not fit my microwave which was under warranty. They could never get it right. They cost $16.95 each if I had to pay for them. I hate to throw them away but what do I do with them? Does anyone need one?

So I say a big Thank You to John in India!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Reda,
Just to let you know that it might not be as surprising now if you were to find out that most 1-800 numbers are answered by people in India who have been given phone names. They were during the night and answer calls made from the US. And, John might not really be John!