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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Visit from Friends

Yesterday our friends, the Braggs, returned to WV to pack and get their house ready for the market. They live in North Carolina now. They were willing to brave our muddy hillside for a visit. Our daughter-in-law, Tiff and sweet Anya walked up the muddy hillside to spend the evening. We enjoyed having them all share dinner and the evening with us.

Our children had missed seeing each other these last few months. The girls picked up right away where they had left off. They talked, played, created a surprise apron for little sister, and admired our new little grandbaby. The boys were a little bit shy at first but soon had the windows open and were running and playing hard as usual. They had a great visit.

The moms all admired baby Anya who is working hard at getting a tooth and keeping mom busy. We talked babies and more.
We ladies joined the older guys as they talked alot about music, movies (Narnia in particular) and their latest reading material. Gabriel shared his Companion to Narnia book complete with biblical references. Steve, the engineer, who has the biggest collection of non published Redding Brothers songs and the only known video footage had to be updated on all the new Redding Brothers music, performance, equipment updates, etc. And left with the latest edition of "Snow" the Christmas CD, to add to his collection. All the while 9 year old John Mark tried to teach him how to crochet:)

We ended the evening by all gathering in the living room for Bible reading. This evening completing the book of John. We prayed, hugged, laughed, talked some more and finally let them go home. I think we all got to bed near midnight.


Charlie Tee said...

Welcome to your new life Reda...
I'm glad that you've enjoyed your friend's visit.
As far as being technically challenged using the computer, it's not as difficult as you think.
As far as being disciplined to keep up your blog posts, the thing that you'll find is that it's very cathartic, when like minded people find you they will find your story very interesting and fun, and they will keep you involved with this.
In the meantime if you have questions feel free to contact me.
Take care.
lovingly,Charlie Tee :-)

plantlover said...

hi reda! I'm glad to see you've joined the blogging world! reading your post about your wonderful evening is making me miss you guys even more.