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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My Heart Sings

My heart sings as I am going to visit my son in a few days. Isaac's name means laughter. What a joy he was as a baby! How full of laughter he was as a toddler. What quiet mischief he involved himself in as he grew. He was always building and creating something. He could take apart and put together things so well. What adventures he had hiking in the woods, hunting, mini bike and go cart riding, learning to drive the tractor, roller blading and jumping over cars, and 30 mph trips down hill on his blades. And then on to cars. How he helped so many people fix their cars and how he kept ours running smoothly. Wow! How time flies........He survived it all and I did too! He will be leaving in about a week for Iraq. What feelings this gives to a mom's heart! My heart sings because I will have a few days to visit and hug him one more time before he goes. Youth seems to know no fear and I know he will never be the same after he goes to War. I do wish in some ways that I could bring him back to those sunny days under the apple trees in Logan, Ohio. I know that he had to grow up and will continue to grow (I wouldn't want it any other way). I will continue to pray and trust the Father to walk with him through it all. The Father will walk with me too as I continue to grow up in Him. How I praise the Lord that he has seen me through it all and that he will see Isaac through it all!

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tootlepip said...

I hope you have a wonderful visit! Give him a hug for us. Give one to mamma and pappa too!