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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Youth Retreat

I spent Friday evening and Saturday with several adults and the youth from church. There were about 40 people. The retreat lasted about 24 hours. This retreat was on unity. There were 6 messages I believe as well as time for praise, prayer, and wiffle ball and a tiny bit of sleep. This weekend was planned for the youth. However, I believe each adult benefitted as much from the messages and activities as did the youth. I am greatly encouraged by the attitudes I saw exhibited, the hearts shared in the prayer walks, and the love and compassion I witnessed among these youth. The expressions and words of love and trust in God and family that I witnessed was exhilarating!!!!!!

Now, I will share my heart and my prejudices. I sometimes have a hard time getting beyond externals. I have real issues with the current fashion trends and forget to stop and look deeper. I do wish youth and adults could dress modestly and I think as they grow in their relationship to Jesus they will examine this area of their lives too. Jesus loves those in immodest clothing as well as those dressed modestly. What is modest to each one is different. I think I have a higher standard than many. Of course, I think my standard is right or it wouldn't be mine:) I hope we will all examine our hearts with regard to our prejudices as well as to our clothing.

I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with getting to know our youth better. I hope they learned as much from me as I did from them.


tootlepip said...

I'm glad you had a good experience!

Charlie Tee said...

Anybody who couldn't learn from you is either deaf dumb or blind, (not meant as an insult)...You are truly one of the quintessential woman of not only West Virginia but also the way we should all learn to be...loving.
Glad to see that you're sticking to your guns and writing, it's beautiful. Hope that you and the family are all well,love to everyone.See ya soon.
lovingly,Charlie Tee :-)

From Redding Mountain said...

Charlie you definitely have the gift of encouragement!

Betsy said...

I realize I know you a little better than some of the youth - but I have to admit that I am constantly learning from you. It's hard not to learn from you, really! I thank God everyday that you and your family came into my life. :)