The life and times of the Redding family.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Rush, Rush, Rush!

Do you ever feel like your life is rush, rush, rush from one thing to another ?? Is every May a race into summer? Yesterday I made out my calender for the rest of the month. It does not look like I have a free day until after the first week of June. Some days I have 3 things back to back. Is this really how I want my life to be? I really never imagined it would be this hectic. Now some of you will say my life has always been hectic and in some ways that is true. The thing I am talking about though, is the busyness of outside the home activities.

Sunday was an example of what I am talking about. I got up and encouraged the family to get dressed for the day. I no longer have a housefull of little ones to dress:( My baby was 3 this last week.) Today was special so their clothes had to be just so. Instruments and music had to accompany us. Everything we would need for the next 12 hours. And all of this had to be done before we left home at 8 am. We had to take 2 vehicles and we had to pick dear friends up for church. We arrived at church a few minutes early for us which may be a record. We had a wonderful service with great visual effects. It all depends on whose hands your in. Wonderful singing led by my dear husband. I kissed my husband goodbye and off he went with Sarah and James to meet the grandparents. Sarah was to perform in her first youth symphony concert and I missed it. After the goodbyes, I had to run to the Dollar General and pick up 2 pitchers, to Krogers for Lasagna and half and half, to Wendy's to pick up lunch,and to Speedway for a diet coke. I had 4 of the kids with me and my dear friend Betsy who greatly saved the day for me. We rushed back to the building let the kids eat lunch while I helped prepare part of the dinner for the Senior banquet for about 80 people. Betsy helped me by watching the kids and keeping them out of trouble. I then realized that Wendy's had left out my sandwich. At about 1:20 I had to leave and have Hannah to another church building where she and Daniel would have their recital. I also had the rest of the crew in tow. This was Hannah's first recital and she did a great job! Daniel played an original piece which he dedicated to a sweet lady at church. The rest of the available family members were there too! We were done about 4 pm. Then I went back to Wendy's to get my sandwich, back to Krogers for coffee and back to the church building to help prepare dinner for the banquet. I had to try to keep the kids out of the beautiful, elaborate decorations complete with a fragile red carpet runner they were attracted to. Betsy helped alot with this.
At 6 pm the graduating seniors began arriving. The program began and I was filling plates and directing the teens who served everyone. Sarah's program did not end until after 5pm and then they headed back to the building for the banquet. I did sneak in for a few minutes and sit with my family, as the parents talked about their kids and as we watched a video of the lives of the graduating seniors. This is always an emotional time. I grabbed a few bites and then helped cut and serve cake. Then the clean up began. My dear husband took the younger kids and delivered Betsy home and then took them home to bed. Daniel, Joseph, and I finished clean up, putting and giving food away and headed home. I arrived home about 11pm and realized I had to be at the hospital for my first mammogram the next morning at 8am. Whew!!!!!!!!!!

What am I going to do about this?? Why do I get myself into these situations? Is there really anything I can cut out?? I already delegate fairly well. I am sure this will pass..........One day I will not be able to rush. Should I look forward to that?

I have a wonderful, full, blessed life but sometimes I am amazed at what one day holds. Having full days!