The life and times of the Redding family.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Cup Overfloweth -Catch up

My life has been so full lately! With so many rich and wonderful life can it possibly overflow onto paper? I do not know:)

Two of our older sons Gabe (who lived with us) and Josiah with wife, Tiff and sweet baby Anya all moved to Nashville to pursue their goal of music. They joined big brother Micah. We not only miss them at our treasured Sunday afternoons together but also in church. We look up and expect to see them at any moment. And sweet Gabe (the older guys are sure we baby him too much) is sure missed around here. He babies us too! Our oldest at home Daniel is now growing up and being a shining star for his siblings and family. We only have 7 children at home now!!

Two days after the guys moved to Tenn. we left on a two week trip to Texas, about 1300 miles each way. Our first night we stayed with the guys in Nashville. From Nashville to Arlington, Texas there were 9 of us in a mini van and that is a story all in itself. We were part of a group called We Care who work with churches to help get our christianity out of the building. They are an amazing group of people doing an amazing work. This was a treasured time for us as it was so focused on what we love the most-helping people know the love of Jesus and the cleansing of his blood. We shared this experience with our dearest friends from Washington. We shared a house on the church property and this gave us a great opportunity to catch up and visit during our spare minutes. This was a treasured time for us. We saw our children grow in wonderful ways too! We experienced much joy, hard work, tears, and renewed and strengthened our faith. This gave us a great desire to be in full time ministry again.

Last week after I had almost recovered, I packed up again and headed to Nashville to see the guys, help with a concert and help set up some other concerts. It was a fun week seeing baby Anya crawl and stand up, seeing the guys on a daily basis and meeting their church family. I enjoyed the time getting to know their manager and her daughter better too!

We left Saturday to come back to WV and they left for a concert in Dayton, Ohio on Saturday night and one in WV on Sunday afternoon. We got to see them for a few hours again!:)

Wow!!! There is so much more to heart just overflows with so much I cannot even put into words.

I'm sorry I've been away from writing for awhile.......I am sure there is more to come. Come see me!