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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Girls and Boys and Parenting

These are our girls December 2005. Mawmaw took this picture at a library Christmas Open House.

Girls are little mommies. Esther looked in the mirror and told me "I am a mom" to my babies. She feeds them from her plate, sometimes nurses them, changes their diapers and clothes, takes them to church, keeps them bundled up, etc. Hannah does their hair and coordinates their outfits, Sarah used to teach each baby or bear her Bible verses. Girls appear to naturally nurture.

Our boys played with dolls some but not nearly so much. I told them they were practicing to be good daddies! They carried their babies under their arms like footballs, upside down over their shoulders, out in the snow,threw them up in the air, etc. Just like dad. Boys appear to naturally have a different perspective on being a parent -just like dad:)

My older sons have told me that they wouldn't have gotten to do anything if it wasn't for dad. I am afraid when they climb trees higher than a two story house, make hydrogen bombs in the bathroom, climb on the roof of the house,jump ramps on roller blades, or go 30 mph down hill on roller blades or bikes, hook their homemade sleds to the back of the van,etc. If it wasn't for Dad Esther would never have had pink snow boots! I'm glad they have a dad to contend with all that energy.

I'm glad God made two parents.

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tootlepip said...

God is good isn't he?