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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How did homeschooling influence them?

Our older boys are getting ready for a concert at the Charleston Civic Center on
March 9. The advertising campaign has begun and this is a question I received about the boys.

Did homeschooling play a part in the development of their talent and their band? If so, could you say a little something about how it influenced them?

I called and asked Micah and this is what he said.

"Being free from traditional schooling expanded our possibilities in so many ways. It gave us the time to explore our widely varied interests, and to delve more deeply into those things which resonated the most with us. It gave us the mindset of being producers instead of consumers; of creating, rather than just absorbing. In that spirit, we did things other people probably wouldn't have considered: we published a magazine, we wrote music, we studied how the world works."
Micah Redding

Remember get your tickets soon! Check the boys music out at and for tickets go to

Hope to see you there!