The life and times of the Redding family.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A New Grandbaby and A New Daughter in Law

The Redding family keeps growing! We had a wonderful August. We spent most of the summer in Tennessee near most of the older sons, my brother and his family and nearer to my parents.

On August 12 Lawrence and I celebrated our 27 anniversary! It gets better all the time!

On August 16 Jonas Redding was born to our second son Josiah and his sweet wife Tiffany. Jonas was 13 days overdue and weighed 8 lbs. 8 oz. Yes he is beautiful! He was welcomed by his sweet little sister Anya who turned two on August 30. We had all hoped he would make his arrival sooner. Not only were we anxiously waiting to meet him but his Uncle Micah was getting married on August 18.

Micah and Emily were married in a lovely wedding on August 18 at the Antioch Church of Christ building. Everything turned out well despite the always unexpected things which come along. WARNING!!! SILLY STRING SHOULD BE OUTLAWED AT WEDDINGS! All of the family were involved in helping Micah and Emily wed. As the preacher mentioned many had lonnnnnng awaited this day. Micah and Emily met at Freed-Hardeman University in 1999. Even baby Jonas got to bring his mom to the wedding on the way home from the hospital!

Things were really exciting all week. Dear friends Doretta and Lauren arrived from WV and coordinated! What a great coordinator Doretta is!!! Tiffany's mom flew in from Seattle, Leah arrived from Seattle with a stop over in Indiana, Isaac came from California, the Alabama grandparents arrived and put together the whole reception, Aunt Sandy from Ok, Cousin Joshua and family from WV, the WV grandparents, Aunt Linda from New York, Aunt Von from Arizona, and our friends Betsy and Vicki who saved the day and put in one long day, and several friends and family from neighboring states. Everyone worked together in a wonderful way! It is a blessing to have friends and family. Micah and Emily headed off for their honeymoon.

After all the fanfare, Josiah had his 24 birthday on August 19 without much excitement. There is always next year! Everyone was tired from the wedding. He didn't even have a cake because there was so much leftover cake from the wedding we couldn't bear to make another one. His birthday dinner was leftover reception food which was absolutely wonderful. For recipes or menu email me at

Not only did Josiah have his birthday but all the family and friends began their departure. Isaac flew back to California, Aunt Von to Arizona, Aunt Linda to New York and Lawrence to Seattle. Leah drove off to Indiana with watermelon and cake tucked in the trunk. We insisted everyone take food home.

Lawrence has been working in Seattle for the last 3 weeks. More Redding Adventures to come.........

Does that sound like enough excitement for one Redding month?
There is still more. We packed up our things and headed to Redding Mountain.

What a wonderful summer we had! Being back on Redding Mountain has been wonderful. I have been busy sorting and cleaning. I have a whole room full of things to dispose of which includes 8 boxes of books. If you are looking for a book let me know, I probably have it!

We are ending our third week of school too. I am getting ready from 30 meal freezer cooking and soap making. More about those adventures later.