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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Soap Making

As the leaves start to fall I get in the mood to make soap and other homey activities. I have been making soap for at least 13 years maybe more. I find great satisfaction in making soap, making soup, once a month cooking, crafts, needlework, etc.

Several years ago I decided to try soap making. I had never seen anyone make soap. The terms were more than unfamiliar to me. I researched all of the equipment needed, bought my supplies, and tried to secure the kitchen. Soap making can be a dangerous process to young children.I read the instructions I had found over and over to make sure I knew what the process was.Then one evening I decided to try it. It turned out perfect the first time! I was thrilled and hooked!!!I used lard and I made plain old lye soap. This soap cost me around $8 and lasted me for 10 months. So this has become a tradition for me.

A couple of weeks ago I got together with two friends + their 10 children and my 7 that are home. We made soap. First we made a really special soap which contained olive oil, coconut oil, and lavendar. This soap really took a while to trace. It smelled heavenly! This is my favorite scent. I just wish I could grow it!Next we made a lye soap and it traced almost immediately. We decided to add tea tree oil to it. This turned out great!

A couple of days before my group project, I made plain lye soap.It turned out great.
All of our soaps are now ready to use.

In yesterday's post the top picture is the lavendar soap. The bottom picture has both the lye and the tea tree oil soap in a small wooden crate.

If you have questions about soap making or just want recipes and instructions please leave a post. I will help as much as I am able.


Anonymous said...

Hi Reda.

I love your blog! I have wanted to try soap making for a while but was scared off when I read the internet instructions. Can you send me a link or post instructions that you used? Also, where did you purchase supplies? I really didn't even know where to start. I know you're busy, so don't think twice if you don't have time to respond. Thanks,

Terri Massie

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting at work in a very boring weekly seminar with subject matter that is WAY over my head. I started reading your blog and looked at your beautiful pic and just got lost in what you posted! Then I reached the end :(

I have wanted to make soap also and now you have me inspired. I would appreciate any info you can share!

And thank you for sharing!

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