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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Trip to Seattle

Our car trip to Seattle was postponed another month.

I decided instead to make a surprise visit to see my husband. About a day before I was due to arrive I told him I was coming. I left Lexington before 8 am with 7 children in tow. We stopped for breakfast through the drive thru and headed home. I dropped the children off at home and headed to the airport. Mawmaw and Pawpaw who live next door and Josiah and Tiffany had been recruited to watch the children. I got a last minute cheap ticket and flew out of the Charleston West Virginia Airport. I got out of my car within sight of the door and carried my bags in and checked them. I did inform them that I was checking tools in one bag. I then headed through security. I was stopped first because I had a diet coke and had to wait outside the security area until I finished it or threw it away. I had plenty of time so I sat down to read and drink my diet coke. Then I again headed through security only to be found with a small tube of toothpaste in my carryon. Out I went again. This time I walked back to my car to leave my wonderful toothpaste (Have you ever tried Melaleuca Cinnamon Toothpaste? It is wonderful!!!) I finally passed security and sat down to wait. Soon I walked out to the plane and climbed the small ladder and boarded the plane. It was a very small plane with maybe 30 seats. I flew to Washington DC Dulles Airport and arrived at my gate without any trouble. It all took maybe 1- 1 and 1/2 hours.

I then boarded the plane for Seattle. The flight was almost 5 hours. I met a really nice person on the plane and we enjoyed a good conversation before we decided to read and sleep:) I arrived into Seattle without incidence. I grabbed my bags and headed to the door. My tool bag had been inspected some where during the trip. They left me a note saying so. My husband was waiting for me in a tiny sportsy car:) It was so nice to see my husband. Since I had not had real food since morning (if you call McDonalds real food) I was ready to eat. Lawrence had worked all day so he was ready to eat too! He took me to our favorite Mexican restaurant Azteca. By then it was really late for WV time so I was ready for bed.

On Sunday we attended the West Seattle Church of Christ with many long time friends. It was nice to renew friendships! This church is filled with children. I know my children will like it when we come here. They will all have someone their age even though they usually play with all ages.

On Monday we drove out near Mt. Rainier and looked at several 5 acre lots. They are really too far from Lawrence's work. We enjoyed the day even though we did not find any workable situations for us. We visited with the Nowlins and went to sleep.

Lawrence had to work on Tuesday so I told him bye for the day and visited with the Nowlins, looked for houses, and visited with the Kings. My husband was off work early so he took me to eat Teriyaki and to the airport.

My plane was delayed by a couple of hours leaving Seattle. I arrived at 8:18 am in Washington DC. My plane had left at 8:15 for WV. I had to wait until 5:05 pm for the next flight home. This was very frustrating and tiring. I had already been up more than 24 hours. There were many stranded travelers from the Seattle flight. I finally boarded the plane and arrived home around 7pm. I was so happy to see my children! I was soooooooooooo tired though. I slept almost 12 hours and I'm still tired.

It was a wonderful quick trip but not quick enough.


tootlepip said...

It was good to see you again and I look forward to you coming again in December - for a longer stay!

Lawanda said...

So are you moving from WV to WA?!?!

crystal said...

Oh, we're sad to see you go but I hope that everything goes very smoothly for you!
I hear the boys are going to be at the KeithAlbee in December?! We hope to be there!

Jennifer said...

I just found you and think from reading several posts that your moving from WV to WA? I live in WV too, in Charleston in fact. AND I just flew cross country to CA in October to visit a friend!! Let's see I'm also a homeschooler and we're looking for a piece of property with a yard & view like that to build on ourselves LOL!!!
I'll bookmark your blog and be back to read more later!