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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I left home about 3 pm on Saturday afternoon December 8th. We were finally packed. We packed the computer, two sewing machines, a few clothes,some books and 7 children and one mom into the mini van. (The Redding Brothers had their Christmas concert the night before. It was a wonderful time on a barge:)This is why we were so late leaving.)I felt like I had to get started though. I am so anxious to see my husband!

On Saturday I drove just over the border of Louisville, Ky in Indiana. We stopped for the night. About 250 miles

On Sunday we heard great big stories of the bad weather coming in but decided to head to Kansas City and then decide which way to go. We had a great trip. We stopped at a motel in Blue Springs, Missouri. We then tried to go to church (it was cancelled). We called the Chaffin's and got to have a visit with them. We had a wonderful time catching up while the kids played games and talked. About 500 miles

On Monday we drove from Kansas City to Wall, South Dakota. We stayed the night. About 700 miles

Tuesday Morning -We enjoyed a leisurely morning. We of course had to visit Wall Drug store where we ate the best doughnuts I have ever tasted. We shopped some too! My children must be the nicest ones to pass through because several people stopped them to complement their behavior and their respect for one another:) This was very positive reinforcement which I am especially thankful for! No! I did not pay these people to do this:)

We are presently in Billings, Montana in a motel. I am doing laundry and we are taking showers and getting ready for bed. I had hoped to make it further today:( We traveled about 425 miles. I think I will make it to Seattle by Thursday noon instead of Wed. Night. I think I have about 800 miles to go.

Despite the terrible weather conditions going on across the country it has yet to hit where I have been traveling. I am especially thankful for the clear path I have had.I count it a wonderful blessing from God.

More to come as we conclude our trip.

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