The life and times of the Redding family.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Arriving in Seattle Washington

We finally arrived in Seattle, Washington after 2700 miles. Our first stop was downtown Seattle to give daddy a hug. We then went to the Nowlins who graciously opened their home to the whole tribe:) We spent our first week with them and enjoyed catching up with each other. Our children had a great time playing games, video games, watching movies, wrestling, working alongside the Nowlin children. I loved watching Miss Bonnie work. She is a great organizer and her home runs so well. I learned a lot from her.

We have enjoyed visiting with old friends, celebrating Ben's birthday, church at West Seattle, caroling in the Nowlin's neighborhood with the church group, children's gift exchange, and finally Christmas. We enjoyed a quiet day in the motel. We are staying in a suite of rooms until our house closes. The motel is near where we lived in 2001. They feed us breakfast every morning too!

We are enjoying being together again!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Reda,
thanks for sharing and the pictures!
We are home from Arkansas. I ache all over from the drive and wonder how you managed 2700 miles!
It was wonderful seeing you and thankful you found time to stop and see us!
love you!

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