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Monday, March 31, 2008

Sedro-Wooley --Bug??

Sedro-Wooley is a town north of Seattle Washington and about 3 hours from our home. We were told its original name was Bug and that when the women arrived from back East they refused to live in a place called Bug.:) Wouldn't you want to live in a town called Bug? We really enjoyed our time in this little town.

Lawrence was on a job in Sedro-Wooley so we went to help him. The younger children and I entertained ourselves while Lawrence and the older boys worked. We spent 3 days hanging around Sedro-Wooley. We visited the local museum and amused ourselves with 50+ chainsaw carvings displayed around town (a walking tour). We played at a couple of parks, the McDonalds play area, went thrift store shopping, took the kids for their first restaurant teriyaki, played gopher for the workers and drove up to New Halem. Several years ago we had camped east of Sedro-Wooley near New Halem, Washington. It is a very beautiful area. We enjoyed our time there. The younger boys got to play in the snow at New Halem. We could not go beyond New Halem because the roads were still closed because of the winter snows.

One of the pictures is of a neat little corner park which has murals painted on the walls it is directly across from the job. In one of the pictures we are sitting on a bench which has two chainsaw carvings on each end. The men are looking up at the top of the building they will be working on. More later...........

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