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Saturday, April 26, 2008

3:00 am, SEA-TAC airport, Redding Brother's Band

This morning I got up just before 3:00am to take my husband to the SEA-TAC airport. He wanted to see the Redding Brother's Band off on their journey to the Middle East. So, my dear husband is flying from Seattle to Chicago to Charleston, WV and then on Tuesday he will reverse that trip. We all wanted to go but timing wouldn't allow us too! When is the Western Tour going to be?? I want to share some things I learned on my trip this morning. 1. I love driving in Tacoma and Seattle-when every one else is sleeping. 2. Everyone is friendlier when they are not fighting with a crowd. 3. Things move faster early in the morning. 4. I was able to drive right to the airport door without having to slow down, amazing. 5. The moon is a marvelous sight just before dawn. 6. I discovered regular Coke tastes like medicine. 7. When I'm driving alone I can keep the heater up as high as I want. 8. The peace and quiet really isn't so bad once in a while.

For all those dear friends in WV who read my blog - I hope you will be able to go see the band play on Sunday afternoon at the National Guard Amory before they leave for their big trip.

Below is an announcement taken from their website with all the information about the Sunday event. Sunday's are a hard day for most of us but I hope you will be able to find a little time in the afternoon to see them off. It will mean a lot to all of us. I really wish I could be there............

The National Guard Armory in Charleston will be hosting a meet and greet and send-off celebration for the band THIS SUNDAY from 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Special guest GOVERNOR JOE MANCHIN III will be in attendance to wish the band well on their 25 day overseas military tour. The event is being covered by both WVAH FOX 11 and WOWK CBS 13 and will be a featured story on the news that evening.

Everyone is welcome to come and go at any time during the party, but we recommend arriving on time so you can talk to the band, catch a special acoustic performance, and possibly meet Governor Joe Manchin III when he stops by as well (prior to 12:00 noon). There will be free refreshments and a casual meet and greet afterward, in between interviews and photos with local press.

Be sure to come out and see the band before they leave!

The Charleston Armory is located at 1703 Coonskin Drive, Charleston, WV 25311. If you have any questions, call Doretta Osburn at 1-888-88-REDDING x704 or email theband [at] reddingbrothers [dot] com.


tootlepip said...

Say, if this armed services tour works out, maybe they could do a tour of the bases here on the west coast, Especially those here in Washington!

From Redding Mountain said...

That is a very real possibility and they are actually in contact with people in CA, OR, and WA!! Yeah!