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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vancouver in a Day!

We visited Vancouver, BC. with our Artist in Residence. We did not have very much wait time at the border. They did check our birth certificates, etc. and bid us farewell.
Our first stop was the Buddhist temple mentioned in a post a few days ago.

Next we made it to Stanley Park and got a tourist map from there. We visited Stanley Park with some awesome views. John Mark decided to get some up close views off the trail when I was not looking.
Next we drove around downtown and did some walking. There were a lot of visitors to Vancouver for a Triathalon which we did not stay for.
We parked under the Art Museum which had an Anime exhibit we were not interested in. They did have a weird balloon baby looking thing they were attaching to the front of the museum. The fountain out front was really neat with its mosaic surface.

We went on a self guided tour of the spectacular library square. It was an amazing place with escalators and cool cubbies and a neat children's section. I loved this library. The library was like a mini city with shops under cover, a mini gallery, coffee shops, etc. We had fruit smoothies specially blended for us out of fruits we picked out. They were yummy!

You can see in one of the pictures the count down to the Winter Olympics to be held in Vancouver, BC. in 2010.

On the way back to our parking we visited the Pacific Mall downtown. From there we headed back to our car and drove near the science center which was closed (we were there on a previous visit), stopped by a thrift store and headed back to the border. We were home before midnight.

There is so much to see and do in Vancouver - we could have easily stayed a week there. Motels were cost prohibitive so we just enjoyed the things we could do in a day and who knows there may be future adventures in BC. We were told we would need passports by June 2009.

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