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Monday, September 29, 2008

Pedal Cart - Surrey Ride Ocean Shores, Washington

Early Friday morning we headed to the beach. We've really been wanting to go to the Oregon Coast but really didn't want to take that much time away from home. So, we headed to Ocean Shores, Washington. We have great memories of a Father's day, several years ago, spent camping and playing on the beach. We had taken at least 10 kids maybe 11 of our children to play on the beach. We rented this surrey and road about town and the beach. We wanted to do this with our younger kids. And they had a blast! Everyone in town and on the beach enjoyed watching them pedal about. They gave a lot of smiles that day. They even went through the drive thru at McDonalds and ordered ice cream. They made some good memories.

The cart is pretty cool and I want one to ride about my neighborhood. It has four sets of pedals so the kids switched off. Esther got to ride in the basket on the front most of the time. I'm hoping some of my creative children will build me one:)

Some of the kids played in the waters edge until they were numb. The older ones stayed dry:) It was a wonderful day for us all!


Anonymous said...

Momma, Rach, and I went on those bikes with some friends 2 years ago during a mother/daughter retreat! They were a lot of fun, except that there were too many hills on our course. : P I actually had a life-and-death experience with those bikes - we almost flew into a tree (yes, we were flying-it started out as a race and you know how competitive I am) It was so exciting, though, and we were just saying how much we wanted to ride them again... We miss you all! Elizabeth F.

Josiah said...

Nice guys, nice. :-)

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