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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mr. Pemberton's Poem - America Without God?

Many of you may not know our neighbor Mr. Pemberton. He greeted us our first week in our new house with poetry and bread. He comes weekly to shower us with poetry and gifts. He loves to give and to write. He has written over 200 poems and loves for people to share what they think of his poetry. Tonight I would like to share one of his poems. I would love your feedback.

America Without God?

America is being destroyed from
perversion within.
As it’s people indulge
themselves in so much sin.

The moral fabric that our country
once held so dear.
Is now beginning to dissappear.

Many judges seek to remove
God from our land.
TRaditional marriage... they don't understand.

From the neighbor’s house
to the college dorms,
Perversion is legal in many forms.

Our money reads: “in God we trust.”
While so many are addicted to
perversion and lust.

Nothing of God seems to
be sacred anymore.
While his judgement draws
close to our nation’s door.

This so called “freedom” that
many have “enjoyed,”
is causing our great country
to be destroyed.

America must heed the Savior’s call,
Only God can give true freedom to all.

HIS word is our country’s
true foundation.
Without him in our lives, we’re
doomed as a nation!

By Jim Pemberton



Micah Redding said...

I tend to be more optimistic about the state of society's moral fiber. I imagine that different things take our "moral focus" at different times.

Previous generations were comfortable with many horrific things that current society is uncomfortable with - so I imagine it's a balance.

We've seen long-term trends indicating the decline of murders, thefts, abortions, etc.

The 60s and 70s experimented with the boundaries of acceptable behavior. And for good reason: their parents had confused morality with social correctness, and failed to deliver any rational philosophy of life.

So the 60s and 70s experimented. And after experimenting with lots of things (drugs, etc), they developed a more mature viewpoint. A viewpoint that didn't say "do not taste, do not touch" (like the Old Law), but instead understood the consequences of actions.

That said, the US Government is destined to fail shortly. That won't mean the collapse of society, but the emergence of a better society from the cocoon of the old.

sojourner2earth said...

Please give my compliments to Mr. Pemberton. We should be concerned about the people we put into power and authority over us. We are not the same nation we were - - Micah, you spoke truly that society in the past decades was confused about morality- - today we have substituted political correctness with morality.
That doesn't mean something better came out of it, though, so I have to disagree there.
I'd also question that the numbers are declining on murders, thefts and abortions. My experience in KC does not support that.
We know we must pray for those in authority, and we need to speak up for what is right. I'd like to close with two quotations by Edmund Burke:
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Better be despised for too anxious apprehensions, than ruined by too confident security.


Micah Redding said...

Abortion rates fall:
A Graph (note that illegal abortions are not being counted here - so the early data is skewed)

Abortion rates continue to drop

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