The life and times of the Redding family.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Locks of Love Day for the Redding Ladies

On one Memorable Tuesday (see Memorable Tuesdays on Facebook) we went to Great Clips and gave our hair to Locks of Love.

Five of our children are participating in LTC (Leadership Training for Christ). One of the areas is service. Sarah decided she wanted to do this for one of her service projects. So all four of us gave our hair to Locks of Love. They divided the hair into two sections and cut them above the band. Each ponytail must be 10 inches below the band. I believe Sarah's was 14 inches and Hannah's 12 inches, I believe mine and Esther's lock were only 11 -12 inches. Mine was so thick they made it into 3 ponytails. So there was close to 50 inches of hair cut that day from the Redding Ladies.

We did get dad's permission first or so we thought. He knew all the girls were getting a hair cut but missed that I was going to get a hair cut too! I felt really bad about that and will make sure before I do that again:) He was kind and thoughtful about the matter though which made me feel even worse.

If you do not know about Locks of Love they make hair pieces for children up to 18 years old who are cancer patients or burn patients and have lost their hair. I think it is a wonderful group. I am going to try to put a link on my blog. So check them out.


sojourner2earth said...

Good for you! I'm glad that Lawrence was so understanding. It happens, so don't be too hard on yourself.
Enjoy reading your little updates and adventures!

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