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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LTC Phoenix

What a whirlwind we have been living through! It has been such a busy time for us. I left on Friday with 5 of my children and 11 others from church for a weekend in Arizona. Most of the kids in our group had never flown so that was very exciting. The Leadership Training for Christ started Friday afternoon. We left home somewhere between 4:30-4:45 am. We got into Phoenix, got our bags, rental cars, drove to Chandler, AZ where the conference was held at the Crowne Plaza San Marcos. It was a beautiful place. We registered right away and then got ready for the opening ceremony and our first performance. Sarah could hardly hold her head up in the opening ceremony, she kept falling asleep on our luggage.

From the time we registered on Friday until Sunday after church it was one event after another. There was art displays, bulletin boards, banners, music, puppets, live action drama, scrap books, Bible Reading, speeches, song leading for guys and girls, poetry, radio ads, etc. The Bible Bowl was the big event. There were also many preconference events. There were so many nice kids and such an amazing array of gifts and opportunities to use those gifts for God's glory.

Our teams did very well and learned so much during the conference. They also had a very wonderful time. The place we stayed was beautiful with trees and birds and wide walkways to meander through. Aunt Yvonne was able to join us too so that was especially a treat.

All five of our children received gold medals for their Bible bowl scores. Sarah received special recognition for having the second highest score. There was one perfect score out of 285 children and 4 who only missed one. Sarah and another young lady from our congregation were among those. Their singing group got the top honor of performing for the Celebration Event. They were thrilled.

I have renewed hope for the future after spending this weekend with a wonderful group of young people so focused in a great direction! I did not once think of the economy the whole weekend. I am grateful to the family who introduced LTC to our congregation and gave our children the opportunity to participate!!


sojourner2earth said...

Congratulations to your children. I'd love to hear what they did to prepare.

From Redding Mountain said...
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From Redding Mountain said...
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Anonymous said...

They spent hours studying the book of John. They also had weekly quizzes. They had study sessions at different houses about once a week. They learned more by studying on their own though! Drama, puppets, and singing group met about once a week. The individual projects they worked on their own.

It was a great experience for our family!