The life and times of the Redding family.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Esther is 6 Years Old!

On May 2 my baby turned 6. She is growing up so fast. It has been so fun to watch her learn new things and see the joy she expresses at every turn. She had a strawberry birthday. Strawberry cake, strawberry ice cream, strawberries to dip in chocolate. Hot pink is her favorite color so we had a bright pink table cloth to go with the strawberry things. She wanted fish sticks and tater tots for her birthday meal. She had apples and bananas to dip in caramel and chocolate. Vegetable tray to add at least a little something healthy in there. She had several girls over to play from church and the neighborhood and a couple of friends stayed all night before the party. We hid a box of little things for the girls to have a treasure hunt. A very simple birthday but lots of fun. I wanted to share a few every day pictures of our little Esther. I will try to post her birthday pictures another time! Maybe:) Thanks for sharing my tears and joys with me and my family.


Jo said...

What a beautiful young lady! I love all the pictures, but especially the one of her praying. If she were praying for Pawpaw, it worked. He is doing much better, but still needs prayers. Mawmaw

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