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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tacoma Walk 4 Water

On May 23rd I will be walking in the first annual Tacoma Walk 4 Water at the Lakeview church of Christ. I will be walking to raise funds to help provide clean water for people in developing countries. Please support me as I try to raise funds to provide better sources of water to those in need. Our group is trying to raise enough for at least one well which is about $3000-$3500. You will find an amazing video at I cannot watch it without crying. There are two different videos. One has little children singing and the other one features our older boys who are the spokes band this year for W4W.

Our teens have taken on the project of coordinating the first Tacoma Walk 4 Water in connection with their LTC extreme service challenge 2009-2010. If any blog readers would like to support this great cause you may go to and click on walk4water and you can look at the list of walkers to choose someone to sponsor. Several of my children will be walking. If anyone would like to sponsor them they would be thrilled. I do not mind if you sponsor me either. Four of the children have already received some donations/pledges. Any size donation can be made through the W4W website and is very much appreciated. You can send donations to us or Healing Hands International if you wish and it will be warmly received!

Thanks for reading my little commercial.

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