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Friday, June 05, 2009

Joseph is 16!

As you can see Joseph is full of life! Joseph has some new trick to try every day. He loves studying bikes and working on bikes and doing stunts with them. Usually bicycles even though he likes Daniel's motorcycle a little bit too. He usually has some new injury to show every day from his adventures! As you can see he and Jonathan are greatly absorbed in a bike magazine he received as a gift.
This year Joseph wants to go camp in Washington so he wanted his birthday gifts to go for that so we didn't do a big celebration even though it kind of gets big fast when you get the Fitz clan together with ours. We couldn't let the day pass without a little celebration though. He wanted to eat pizza and he wanted chocolatey brownies and chocolate ice cream for dessert. He wanted to watch a movie. It really gets difficult trying to find a decent one. We ended up watching Indiana Jones.

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