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Friday, June 05, 2009

Church Directory Pictures 2009

We recently had our pictures made for the church directory. The bad part was trying to get everyone clean and dressed decently. I thought I was long passed this but I was in for a surprise. We were scheduled for 8:30 pm because of Lawrence's work schedule.
I started early trying to get everyone to shower and get dressed. I usually have to double check the 6 and 9 year olds. I got James all clean and ready which is an accomplishment in itself and when I was not looking he went out to play and jump on the trampoline. By this time he was hot and sweaty again. Also, he has gone through a big growth spurt and has almost nothing left to wear and to make matters worse it is hard to find anything that will fit him now. Then the older boys did not want to wear nice shirts, they thought t-shirts with logos on them were appropriate, the girls couldn't find a thing they were happy with and on and on the story went. By this time I was frustrated and Lawrence was not even home yet. He got in just before 8 and took a shower and off we hurried. We got to the building just in time and had to wait a while............. I thought you might want to see what the kids look like after all that. What a wonder families do not want to do this more often. At least mine.


Terri Massie said...

Well worth it though!!! That's a great picture. They all look so grown up!

Terri Massie

sojourner2earth said...

Can't believe how fast they grow!
But where are you and Lawrence? ! :)