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Friday, June 19, 2009

More About the Museum of Glass

Here are more pictures from our trip to the Museum of Glass. We waited in line for our time to go in and watch as they made glass. We sat in "theater" seats for about an hour and watched as one artist made a piece of art. They did an amazing job. This is a job for people who like slow, meticulous, detailed work. Progress is slow from my perspective. They were all so calm and collected. They moved slowly about. You might be able to tell from my tone that I would never be very good at this. You have to sit and wait until just the right time to shape, or heat or do some other little thing just to turn around and wait again. It was fascinating to watch but I would never want to do this. Also, they work so near the furnaces so it has to be a hot job. You have to love creating glass to do this. I am so glad we went and I would love to go again. I hope you enjoyed the pictures from our trip and check out the Museum of Glass in person or online. Have a great day TODAY!

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