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Friday, June 19, 2009

Return Trip to the British Pantry

The picture is taken in front of the British Pantry in Redmond, Washington.

I got to go on another outing to the British Pantry store and restaurant. I had three other friends who had gone before and we enjoyed a nice ride up. The trip is about an hour and a half from home. We shopped in the store and got ready to have our lunch. Just as we were to sit down I got a call that Joseph was hurt at work. He had gotten hit in the eye with a rock while edging. He wasn't wearing protective eyewear. My knees went weak and I finally got a hold of myself. I found out Lawrence was also too far away to get there quickly. I wasn't driving either. We called our dear friend Betty who went to pick up Joseph and take him to the doctor. The doctor had our info on file and had seen Joseph for his many other injuries he has gotten doing bike tricks, jumping walls and so forth. They called and verified permission to treat and soon called me to tell me there would be no permanent damage to his eye. He had a red eye and a headache by the time I reached him but seemed well.

Back to the pantry.........I knew I could not get to him so I prayed and we finished our lunch which was wonderful. I am sure I was not much fun and my cell phone kept ringing with needs for information and updates on Joseph. We headed home and I finally made my way to my son with great relief. Whew! What a day. This was the same day we had the glass museum outing. Hard to believe one day can hold so many adventures and situations............

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