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Monday, June 08, 2009

Paramount Theater Seattle Washington

This was an amazing experience and yet it was so hard to get any focused pictures in this place.
The Paramount built in the 1920's still houses it's original Mighty Worlitzer Organ built in 1928, I believe. See the picture. The sound was great and all without electrical parts or amplification. There was also a player ? piano which was original and on loan to the theater.
The Paramount is the 4th busiest theater in the states and maybe the world. It has over 400 shows annually. Seats 3000.
We arrived for our free show. A "silent" movie, The Pawnshop starring Charlie Chaplin shown while the beautiful organ played.
I was amazed at the attention the young audience gave. They were really interested in this piece of history. I was pleased with my children's behavior.
After the movie we were divided into groups and taken on a grand tour of the theater complete with dressing rooms, green room, trap doors, stages, etc.

The outside of the building sure does not hint at the beauty contained inside. This was a wonderful field trip for my children and for me. We also enjoyed sharing the experience with the West Seattle group too!


Jo said...

t looks more like the great old buildings in Europe. That organ is unbelievable.. I'm glad you find so many things for the children to experience.Love, Mawmaw

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