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Sunday, July 19, 2009

I love lavender!

These are a few pictures of lavender sprigs from last year's plants. A new edible lavender plant brought to me by a friend and a potted lavender plant. Last year I planted 8 plants- most were gifts from friends who knew of my love of lavender. Only one was potted and it actually did better than the others. So I plan to pot my new munstad lavender plant and see how it does.


sojourner2earth said...

I didn't know we shared a love of lavender! lol
Unfortunately, I've never had any success with growing things other than children! :o)
Maybe I'll try a pot of lavender now! :o)Hugs!

From Redding Mountain said...

I haven't had much success either. I would suggest buying the potting soil. A few years back I started some from seeds. I had 50+ plants. I even purchased topsoil by the truck load. When my plants went in the soil they either died or stayed the same. They did not grow. I was sooooooo disappointed.That was on Redding Mountain:(

I am so happy to have some plants with flowers! Only one of my plants didn't come back. It is nice to drive around and see lavender at gas stations, apartments, fast food restaurants, etc. Apparently it is easy to grow here because it is everywhere.