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Monday, August 17, 2009

At the End of Gabriel's Journey

It was an exciting day and one of great relief for me as Gabriel came to the end of his Bike Journey. I'm sure there will be other adventures in the future:) Most of our family drove out to meet Gabriel and take him lunch. Marilyn, a friend from church and Joseph rode in the last 30 or so miles with him. John Mark and Hannah also rode a few miles on the bike path. I was a little too nervous when we got to city traffic. Then they rode again along the water front at Alki Beach to the final destination. Several friends and family were there to greet him when he arrived at Alki Beach more than 3000 miles from where he started 43 days before.

It was nice to have Gabriel home even though it was only one day! He is now safely back in Tennessee. If you haven't followed his video blog then you might want to see some incredible sights along the way. Check it out at Follow the link to MSBike and then the video blog. It was pretty amazing!