The life and times of the Redding family.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Taking James to Camp at Delano Bay

Yesterday afternoon I headed back to Delano Bay Christian Camp for my second trip in less than 24 hours. We spent Saturday July 4th at the camp for the 30th Anniversary Celebration. We stayed until 11 pm for the fireworks. It was a beautiful day. James got a blue ribbon for decorating his bike. The next morning was a little hard to get up for church but we did:) After church one of James Bible class teachers convinced me to let James go to camp. Lawrence and I talked and called James in and told him to pack his bags if he wanted to go to camp. He was more surprised than at Christmas and hugged us and thanked us and ran off to pack. It has been many years since I have had one this young spend any time away from home. James will be 10 in October. It was a little hard to leave him but he was doing great. I did not see many kids that he knew but he wanted to be there. He will have a great week and I will probably be ok too. The house seemed so empty without him here today even though we had 4 extra visitors. No one can take his place:) You can send him an email with the subject line James Redding to

He will get email through Friday of this week.

The trip home took a long time. It took almost an hour to go 6 miles. The holiday traffic was returning home and there is a toll booth to cross the bridge which caused the traffic to back up. After I paid toll the trip went much faster. My next trip will be easier for several reasons. I will have James with me and he will have a lot of stories to share............ I hope they will be good ones.

The pictures are of the camp and a view of the water from the camp. And of course the lines of traffic.