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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Girl's Retreat 2009

What a wonderful time we all had at the retreat. Our focus this year was committing to God and Purity. These are some picture highlights from the retreat I mentioned in an earlier post. I must add a comment about the picture of me. The girls brought me out and washed and massaged my feet, hands, back, etc. They were so sweet and appreciative of our weekend. They made me cry.


Wendy from VA said...

Congratulations on setting out on this adventure with the teenagers. We have set out to do something similar with Camp COMMIT ( and have been blessed the the camp for the last two years. Our next camp we were thinking about having purity as our main theme.
Keep it up and encourage the teens to become Godly women with older woman to guide them.

Anonymous said...

Those notebooks look great! Thanks for the idea of collaging them. I will have to have the littles do that to theirs!