The life and times of the Redding family.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Summer of Fun, Growth, and Life Experiences

Our life has been so full this summer. We went from the busyness of LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) which ended in April - to so many other activities. We did the Teen Retreat - Work Camp and helped the camp get ready for the summer season. Then the Walk for Water (Healing Hands International). The Redding Brother's band here for several days!

These kids have really worked. I'm amazed at the teens I have been spending time with. (Not just my own). Are they getting nicer or are my eyes a little bit more focused on seeing the good? I hope both. I hope we are all growing to be more what God would have us be. Seeking first to understand each other and then to be understood. June started the summer camp season. White water rafting, canoe trips, 3 of my kids away in one week. A few Joseph injuries. Wow. and more. Daniel graduated and moved to Tennessee. More kids heading out to camp. We spent several days getting ready for the summer Teen Mission trip in the Dalles, Oregon/Dallesport, Washington. That week was an amazing week. We returned to our home and got ready to do VBS at our local church a few days later.

Teen Girl's Retreat - What an amazing 3 days. We had lessons on Committing to God and Purity, encounter group activities to teach us lessons, crafts - homemade lip balm, scrapbooking our Wisdom Journals, food spas, making bracelets for "Our" stories, prayer groups, praise sessions and a late night baptism in the bay. (our Hannah). It was so nice to have just the girls for a while and they were delightful. The girls surprised me and gave me a foot bath and massage. They made me cry. The 20+ year old young marrieds bonded as they shared insights with the teen girl's as did the older mom's who participated in this retreat. We learned we are all in this together. (I may share some recipes, etc. another day). It was a treasured time together and they asked to do it again:)

Two of the boys went on a 5 day Backpacking Trip somewhere into the hills and mountain lakes where they saw a black bear, chased mountain goats away from their camp, swam in cold mountain lakes, had praise sessions under the stars, and lessons on leadership. They carried all the food and supplies they would need on their backs. I'm sure they were so tired of Cliff Bars, Ramen noodles, trail mix and beef jerky. They wore the same clothes for 5 days! It's a good thing it was all guys. What a great experience for my young men!

This weekend we will go as a family to the Church Family Retreat at Delano Bay. This is an annual retreat and on Sunday we will have services outside near the Pacific Ocean. I am so happy my husband has a 4 day weekend. We have a waterfront cabin for our family. It is built in the 1920's so it is not so fancy but a wonderful place to be.

I have learned so much these last few months as have my children. Things have been going fairly smoothly - surrounded by God's people, works of service, etc. The biggest thing for me has probably been to watch out for Satan for when I least expect it he is there to trip me up. I will never outgrow the need to stay in the word, spending lots of time with God. He will keep me strong and equip me for his work of being a Godly wife and training sons and daughters for him.

We are about ready to start our schooling back again next week so I am sure there will be more to tell some other day.