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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Natural Method Readers A Primer - Hope Chest List- Old Newspaper Clipping

I like old books and of course new books too. It is really wonderful to hold an old book and wonder about its previous owners, where this book has been etc. Very often I will find inscriptions on the inside cover or notes left in a book. This time I found a very small newspaper clipping with a complete list for a hope chest. It was intriguing to me. If you know the origin or date please let me know. The book is copyrighted 1914.

A complete list for a hope chest follows: Half dozen to a dozen sheets, half dozen to a dozen pillow cases, one dozen wash cloths, one dozen bath towels, one dozen linen face towels, four linen table cloths, three luncheon cloths, one dozen dinner napkins, one dozen lunch towels, three counterpanes, four bureau scarfs, quilt and blankets, doilies, tray covers, pictures, vases, books, silver, ornaments, and several good cookbooks.

I hope you enjoy my little find for the day!!


Anonymous said...

I did enjoy. Thanks for sharing. I love to find the personal effects left behind by the previous owner. BTW what's a counterpane?
Love you

From Redding Mountain said...

I think it is a bedspread or maybe sort of like a quilted mattress pad.

Anonymous said...

Hi thr, thanx a lot for this article .. This was what I was looking for.

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