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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today I Stand

Today I Stand At The Top Of The World
I found this on my desktop written by my husband a couple of days ago. Our hearts have been so full of joy and love and we praise the Lord. I hope it is alright to share here.

Today I stand at the top of the world.
My heart is full. My cup overflows.

Today I reminisce about how a young man greeted me at church yesterday informing me of his becoming acquainted with my three boys in a band.

He had seen them online and was raving about them.

Today I rejoice in the opportunity I had to share the gospel with two young people who are interested in giving their lives to the Lord. They had come to church yesterday and brought two friends. They came to our house for lunch and to study the gospel.

Today my wife took our seven children to the fair.
I knew it would be a good day for them.
They got to do things they had not done before.
I was excited for them to be able to go.

Today I went to work with joy in my heart, believing things were going to go well,
for the Lord has done great things in my life.

Today, when I was off work I stopped at a fellow christian's house and helped him hook up his dishwasher.
He has been struggling financially, unable to get a full time job, and I was blessed by the opportunity to help him.

This evening when I was at home my family got back from the fair and several beautiful children came telling me of roller coaster rides and carousels and all the excitement of the fair.

I opened up email from Redding Brothers Band and saw their TV ad for a concert in West Virginia. It was high class.
I listened to their new rendition of an already great song that now sounds even better.
I sense that the world is opening up for them.

I rejoice with my wife that the Lord has answered our prayers to be able to help others financially,
I even rejoice that the my federal income tax withholding for the week was several hundred dollars.

Reda got up from looking online at the work and music of our children and came with tears of joy held back and a bursting heart, knowing the greatness of the Lord as revealed in the lives of our children. "We have a great family", she said. "Yes," I replied, "and a great God".

My heart responds to hers. We are on the same page. We are fully blessed. Our hearts are both exploding with joy at the great things the Lord has done.

It is as if I know now that my life work has begun to pay off.
I have been climbing this mountain for years.
Now I begin to sense victory.
Now I begin to breathe easier.
A taste of glory fills my heart.
The future still holds work and challenges.
But today I stand at the top of the world.


Josiah said...

It makes me glad to see that the two of you are happy. :-) You're wonderful parents, and wonderful people. I love you both.


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