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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Leadership Training for Christ

My children have been involved for the last 3 months with a program at church called Leadership Training for Christ. They have spent hours studying for a Bible Bowl. They had several quizzes (one each week) and then a final test of 100 questions. They also have group projects, drama, choir, art, puppets, etc. There are so many facets to this program. This is a new program for our congregation so we are just learning about it. After the final test the top 12 test scores have the opportunity to go to Phoenix, Arizona for a conference which I believe is a national or regional conference. This has been a really busy time for our family and fitting all the study time in as well as practices for all the categories. I am happy to say that all five of my children who are part of LTC will get to make the Phoenix trip. The LTC group is studying the book of John this year. As a Christian mom this has been a real encouragement to me. Seeing my children spending hours studying and catching them reading their Bibles sometimes into the night. They also are frequently seen carrying their Bibles with them to all sorts of places with the hope of finding a few minutes to read. I absolutely love this!! Start almost any verse in the book of John and they will finish it. They have worked very hard.

The week after the Phoenix trip is the time for the regional conference in Washington state which is about 4 hours from us. The whole LTC team not just the top 12 are hoping to go to this conference. It gets pricey when you add fuel, motels, food, conference cost, etc.

This Sunday after church we are having a spaghetti dinner fundraiser to hopefully get our funding for the local conference. They have invited the whole congregation as well as neighbors to come. They are hoping to feed the Sunday after church crowd who usually go to restaurants. They will showcase their projects, serve lunch, sing, drama, puppets and a mini Bible bowl children versus the adults. The kids have also offered to be auctioned for yard work, baby sitting, etc. this summer. This is apart from church and yet we have several members who have been a great support to the kids. Several adults have worked alongside the kids and some have even taken the test. Most did not do as well as the kids:)

So if you are in the area please join us this Sunday afternoon for spaghetti and entertainment and help encourage the kids. You will not be disappointed.

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