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Monday, March 30, 2009

Spaghetti Dinner and Showcase Was a Success

Yesterday was a wonderful day as we gathered with fellow believers for a wonderful day together. We had our morning assemblies and Bible Classes. We had snow so we wondered if we would have a small crowd. After morning service we had a wonderful spaghetti dinner and had to set up more tables and chairs. In the afternoon our LTC kids did their showcase. The Puppets went first, then the drama and then the choir. There was a silent auction for baskets provided by each family who has a child in LTC. There was amazing variety. A spa basket, Pampered Chef basket, Everything Purple Basket with a purple sand pail full of chocolate chip cookie bars, chocolate lovers basket, Cookies and Milk Club with cookies delivered once a month for a year, a complete home cooked dinner, Coffee lovers basket with a watch and coffee and mugs, Handy Man's tote, A pie of the month club, a super man basket, a Care Bear basket with several bears and movies, and a wonderful chocolate candy basket which was put together with candy bars, and I am sure I missed a few of the creative ideas that were there..The kids did a great job. The kids were also auctioned for summer work around the house, yard, baby sitting, pet sitting, cooking, sewing, car washing, photo shoots, etc. We have an amazing group of kids! We are surrounded by supportive, generous people. The whole day raised over $6700. Amazing!

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